Monday, May 14, 2007

24 - Answer(s)

Q: Bill Jeffers - No pussy footing around this time-Who wins the Stanley Cup? And you're not allowed to wait until it's over to answer OR give a wise-ass answer about the team who scores more goals in the deciding game. I want to put your prognostacability to the test.
A: I deliberately waited to answer this question, but I didn't mean to wait for this long. Before Thursday I would have said the Sabres are going to win the Stanley Cup without a doubt. After going 0-2 at home this weekend, I'm not as sure as I was. However, I'm going to stick with that prediction. The Sabres are going to win the Stanley Cup. They will beat the Detroit Red Wings in 6 games. That is the official prediction. Any money lost by betting based on my predictions, however, is your own fault.

Q: Nicole Maloney - Why do slugs melt when you dump salt on them?
A: Slugs produce a large quantity of moisture in the form of slime. This allows them to climb, and to move in general. When salt is poured onto a slug, it has the effect of sucking the moisture from their bodies. Therefore, the slug will die from dehydration very rapidly, which creates the appearance of "melting".

Q: Karyn Graves - Do other countries have as big of an issue with gay marriage as we do over here? Do they have laws about it?
A: This is a great question. One that allows me to talk at length about all manner of subjects. Sadly, I'm not ready to post yet. But when I am, you'll get your answer. Short version: the majority of other countries have a bigger issue with gay marriage than we do, in that the majority of other countries are openly hostile to homosexuals in general. But I'll get more into this later.