Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Self Questioning - 1

And now for the first in what will be a series of questions I ask of myself. I've got a queue of questions, and once I'm done with the DVD I'll start rolling these out for discussion. For now, I'll resurrect my annual Baseball Postseason Predictions with this question:

Q: How will the Major League Baseball postseason play out?
A: Allow me to make the following predictions.

1. The individual series will proceed as follows:
National League: Phillies over Rockies in 4, Cubs over Diamondbacks in 5. Then the Cubs will beat the Phillies in 7 games to advance to the World Series
American League: Red Sox over Angels in 4, Indians over Yankees in 5. The Red Sox will beat the Indians in 5 games to advance to the World Series.

2. The Red Sox will win the World Series. It will take 7 games, and it will be ugly, but in the end the Sox will come out on top. Sorry, Cubs fans.

3. A-Rod will choke in the post-season. When the calendar flips to October, A-Rod flips off. It's happened throughout his career, and I don't see any evidence that it's going to change this year. Yes, he had a fantastic year. But now it's the post-season. That was then, this is now.

So that's my picture of the post-season. Now let's all sit back and enjoy what will undoubtedly be a great post-season!