Sunday, February 8, 2009

43 - Answer(s)

Q: Sarah LaBombard - A wise person told me to ask you what your favorite color I'm asking!
A: My favorite color is blue. The best description of the blue that I like is the color of the late afternoon sky on a clear day. I experienced this most deeply last April when I was in Ridgecrest, CA. The sky there was simply beautiful during the day, and especially during the waning hours of the day. Below is a picture I took from that trip:

I like other shades of blue as well but that one has always been my favorite. The deeper and richer the color the better.

Q: Brett Gobe - Do you think Bob Seger ever made it to Kathmandu?
A: Let's look at some of the lyrics in the song in order to help us figure out the answer to this question. The full set of lyrics can be found here.

The first line of the song is, "I think I'm goin to Kathmandu. That's really really where I'm goin' to." Right away we get the impression that Kathmandu is a place that he intends to visit. What we don't know is whether or not he's been there in the past. I don't think this is the case, but since he very badly wants to go there it stands to reason that he may have been there in the past. The next line in the song casts some doubt on his prospects. He says that "if I ever get out of here, that's where I'm goin' to." So his travels to Kathmandu would seem to depend first on his ability to "get out of here", but where is "here?" Is he locked up in jail? That would make leaving hard, unless of course he is paroled or escapes. The balance of the song lyrics are basically an apology to the United States for wanting to leave. He seems regretful but ultimately resigned to leave for Kathmandu.

I think this is one of those unanswerable questions, but since I'm forced to give an answer I think that he ultimately did make it to Kathmandu. He hints at having to catch a plane, which implies that he has purchased plane tickets to Kathmandu. Since I imagine that those are very expensive he has an incentive to catch the plane to Kathmandu so that he doesn't waste the money. So yes, he made it to Kathmandu.

Q: Bill Jeffers - Have you ever seen the rain coming down on the plain?
A: My answer depends on exactly which plains you are referring to. I have seen the rain coming down on a plain, but those plains may not be the ones that you mean. If you are referring to the plains in Spain (a reference to the quote "The rain in Spain falls mostly on the plain"), then no, I have not. I have not yet been to Spain. If you are referring to the Great Plains here in America my answer is also no. I have a desire to see the Great Plains, and may do so later this year if my cross-country driving plan comes to fruition. And if I do visit the Great Plains then I will certainly keep my eyes out for rain on them. That and thunderstorms.