Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GOP Debate Advisory Tweets

Before tonight's debate I thought I'd reach out to each of the campaigns on Twitter to offer my advice and thoughts. This post captures all of the tweets in one place. Candidates are presented in reverse order of their polling as part of the CNN debate selection criteria.

Happy Hour Debate

.@LindseyGrahamSC: No one in the base likes you. Drop out now. Seriously. You're not helping. Please go away. #GOPDebate

.@GovernorPataki: Switch parties and run against #ReadyForHillary for the D nomination. You might win something that way. #GOPDebate

.@BobbyJindal: You're going to be great in 2020/2024. Please go back to LA and keep up the good work. See you in a few years. #GOPDebate

.@RickSantorum: You've lost every time you've been on the ballot since 2006. Take the hint and join a think tank. #GOPDebate

Primetime Debate

.@CarlyFiorina: Introduce yourself and be yourself. Keep fighting #ReadyForHillary and you'll come out ahead. #GOPDebate

.@GovChristie: Your fight with @RandPaul was a great highlight from last debate. This time focus on how you'll fix a broken DC. #GOPDebate

.@JohnKasich: You and @ScottWalker are best positioned to capture the heartland. Highlight your record as a solid governor. #GOPDebate

.@RandPaul: Isolationism is appealing but not where base is. Don't engage @GovChristie. Focus on freedom to survive the night. #GOPDebate

.@MikeHuckabee: GWB killed big government conservatism. Sorry. You'll make a great talk show host. Again. #GOPDebate

.@MarcoRubio: Foreign policy is your strength, answer @hughhewitt's questions concisely and you can win the night. #GOPDebate

.@tedcruz: Get into an actual debate with someone other than @realDonaldTrump tonight to show your chops. #GOPDebate

.@RealBenCarson: You're not POTUS material. Sorry. Use tonight to declare that you'll be GOP Surgeon General. #GOPDebate

.@ScottWalker: Explain that you're a fighter and a winner. NLRB-busting plan will be a hit with the base if you can explain it. #GOPDebate

.@JebBush: The establishment loves you. That's bad. Taking on @realDonaldTrump is your only hope. #GOPDebate

.@realDonaldTrump: Stick to the issues, don't engage the other candidates when they attack. Maybe switch to decaf. #GOPDebate

Bonus Round: The Debate Staff

.@jaketapper: GOP base hates MSM and @CNN but trusts you. Build on that and you'll secure an audience through the election. #GOPDebate

.@DanaBashCNN: As the representative of the left feel free to reinforce all of our stereotypes. We won't hold it against you. #GOPDebate

.@hughhewitt: Looking forward to your usual probing questions of the candidates. Hope that they cooperate. #hewitt #GOPDebate