Monday, August 21, 2006

3 - Answer(s)

Q: Bill Jeffers - When will black Jesus rise again?
A: Throughout history Jesus has been portrayed as a Caucasian male. While it is certain that he was male, his race is a mystery. The movie "Dogma" claimed that Jesus was black. "The Passion of the Christ" showed him as white. Most paintings depicting Jesus show him as white, but there have been some made showing him to be non-white. Since I have never met Jesus, I don’t know what race he is. Frankly, I find his race to be irrelevant. The point is that Jesus is the son of God. That much is not in dispute. His race is beside the point.

So with that part tackled, when will Jesus (be he black or white or green or whatever) return? That’s a good question. According to the Jewish faith, the messiah (whom Jesus ultimately represents) has not come yet, so therefore he cannot “return”. According to Christian teachings, Jesus will return following the apocalypse. I’m believe this to be the case (being Catholic), so that’s going to be my answer. Jesus will return following the end of the world. Only then will we learn once and for all whether he's black or white or green or whatever. Until then, you'll just have to guess.

Q: Karyn Graves - If we put a new storm door on our basement entry, will that stop the bugs and crickets from getting in?
A: If your existing storm door in the basement has holes in it, or if it is not a good fit to the door frame, then yes, a new storm door will stop various outdoor insects from getting in. You've probably already done this, but I would also check to see whether there are other entry points for these insect invaders you seem to have. I have a sliding screen door at the rear of my townhouse, and it has a nasty tendency of letting in moths and large flys from time to time.

If the crickets persist, then I can suggest a few things. One would be to start capturing them and either feeding them to a pet reptile, or selling them to a pet store. Another would be to capture one and keep it for luck. Just a thought. I wish you and Kevin luck, and let me know how it turns out.

Q: Sarah LaBombard - why is bill's latest blog so insanely long??
A: Bill’s last blog posting is so long because one of Bill’s many talents is that he is a very good storyteller. One of the reasons for this is that he’s been involved in (and the cause of) a great many interesting events throughout his life. Because of this, his ability to recount the events has been honed. As such, the fact that what happened to him on Friday was a good story meant that his latest blog about it would be a long, storytelling post.