Thursday, October 19, 2006

11 - Answer(s)

Q: Brett Gobe - Why do they rock so hard? Did I already ask this?
A: First, a quick parusal of the Ask Mitssob Archives shows me that you have not asked this question yet. Second, I think that "they rock so hard" because they feel that they must. Let me explain. "They" feel that the only way that they can express themselves is to "rock", and therefore in order to express themselves to the fullest they must rock "hard". Who are "they"? What does it mean to "rock"? What qualifies as "hard"? I don't have the answer to those questions. Perhaps next time I'll revisit this.

Q: Bill Jeffers - Why can't I get paid to be good at video games?
A: While it is possible to be paid to play video games, these jobs generally take the form of "game tester" or "game developer". The question you ask relates to the quality of your video game playing, and I'm here to report that you in fact can get paid to be good at video games. Granted, this payment does not take the form of a salary with benefits, but there are many competitions out there for gamers to compete in. These competitions have prizes that can go into the tens of thousands of dollars. You must be very good in order to compete, but if you are good enough, then you can indeed be "paid to be good at video games." Best of luck with that, Bill :)

Q: Sarah LaBombard - where are the best bagels?
A: The literal answer to your question is "where the best bagels are made." But since I know that this is what your question implied (and since if I don't answer this, you'll be mad at me), let me take a crack at it. First, I would say that the best bagels are generally accepted to be found in New York City. I did a quick search and found H&H Bagels, which is reported to have the best. I can't honestly judge this because I've never had their bagels, but I'll pass the link along.

For my money, the best bagels that I find locally are from Brueggers. Are they the "best"? Probably not, but they're my favorite. Please feel free to comment, Jolinko community, and help find the best bagels!

Q: Nicole Maloney - What kind of music was played at weddings before the 70's came along?
A: This question is going to be put off until next week, Nicole. I want to do some actual research on this question because I'm also curious about it. So tune in next week (and also feel free to submit other questions for me to ponder in the interim).