Thursday, October 5, 2006

9 - Answer(s)

Q: Bill Jeffers - Why are boobs so attractive to men? (Well, and some women I suppose)
A: From theoretical physics to boobs in the span of two weeks. Bill, you're one of a kind.

In all seriousness, this is a very good question. Let me try a simple thought experiment first, then lay out some other related thoughts on this topic (I might have to come back to this one in the future; it's a good question). One primary goal that men have is to spread their genes in the gene pool. This is done by finding a woman (or many women) and mating with her so that she will produce his offspring. The first step that the man must take in this goal is to find a woman. Breasts are one of the distinguishing physical characteristics of women. Therefore, men will seek breasts in order to separate the women from the men. Therefore, men are attracted to breasts. Was that a silly thought experiment? Yes, but it's literally true, so it provides a little value to this discussion.

Something I saw on TV (the Discover Channel or TLC, I can't remember which) a few years ago provides more fodder for this question. The subject was why males are attracted to certain characteristics of females. I learned from this show that men in general are attracted to cleavage, and not necessarily breasts. They showed examples of cleavage in the knees, the butt, and the breasts in several females, and all three were remarkably similar. I found this rather interesting at the time, and still do, so I think part of the answer is that men are not necessarily attracted to breasts, but to cleavage in women.

Another reason that boobs are attractive to men is their role in childbearing. There is a theory in biology that suggests that men are attracted to women with large breasts because they (the men) view them (the breasts) as a sign that the woman is better able to provide for his offspring than women with smaller breasts. Is this true? I'm not sure. It's certainly logical, at least on a subconcious level.

I guess the answer to this question can be best summed up by Brett Gobe: "Because they're boobs". Truer words were never spoken.

Q: Brett Gobe - Why do I always lose socks in the laundry?
A: One answer is that the socks are getting left behind in either the washing machine or the dryer. I've noticed that my socks tend to stick to the inside of my dryer sometimes, meaning that they'll occasionally get left behind. Similarly, I've found that my socks can get wedged undernieth the agitator in my washing machine. The socks aren't necissarily "lost" in these examples, but they're not making it out with the rest of the clothes.

Another potential explanation is that the Underpants Gnomes are branching out. But that means that they're getting more ambitious, and I don't even want to think about what that means for civilization as a whole.