Wednesday, December 20, 2006

17 - Answers

Q: Kevin Graves - Why hasn't anyone asked a Mitssob question yet?
A: In considering this question, a number of possible answers come to mind:

1. There are no more questions left to ask.
2. Ron has been deleting the questions before I get a chance to answer them.
3. People are very busy during this holiday season and don't have time to ask questions.
4. People don't have any questions to ask right now.
5. My answers have been so unhelpful that people have given up on me.

Well option 1 is pretty unlikely. As long as humanity exists there will be questions. Similarly, option 2 is pretty improbable (unless the conspiracy goes far deeper than I suspected).

I tend to think that it's a combination of options three and four. The holidays tend to throw people into a frenzy of activity, and therefore it's natural that they wouldn't want to spend the time asking me questions. In addition, I've been pretty slow in answering questions lately due to my own hectic schedule. Therefore people are possibly holding their questions back until things calm down again.

As a writer I'm sensitive to option 5, which is why I included it as a possibility. I'd like to think that this feature has been at least somewhat funny and enlightening, but if that's not the case then I'll do my best to improve it. Just keep the questions coming, Jolinko! I look forward to the chance to provide a few laughs and maybe even some deep thoughts.