Sunday, July 6, 2008

35 - Answer(s)

Q: Bill Jeffers - Paper or Plastic?
A: When I go to the grocery store I will always get plastic. The main reason for this is that I can use them as garbage bags in my home. I can also use them to store things, or transport them from place to place. They're quite handy, unlike the paper variety which tend to have a shorter after-supermarket life.

From an environmental standpoint, I think that paper as the more environmentally sensitive choice. This is because the trees that create paper bags can be regrown. Plastic bags are made from petroleum products, which is not as easily renewable. I know that there are energy output concerns stemming from the production of each of these. For paper bags you have to cut the tree down, transport the tree to a processing facility, process it, then ship the finished product. For a plastic bag I'm less sure about how much it takes to make one. I would assume that they start from a single sheet of plastic and get formed, but I really don't know.

Q: Jarsh Beckstein - Why are boxing/wrestling "rings" square and ofter referred to as the square circle?
A: I'll take the lazy way out of this answer and just paste from the wikipedia article on boxing rings:

The name ring is an atavism from when contests were fought in a roughly drawn circle on the ground. The name ring continued with the Jack Broughton rules in 1743, which specifed a small circle in the centre of the fight area where the boxers met at the start of each round. The first square ring was introduced by the Pugilistic Society in 1838. That ring was specified as 24 feet square and bound by two ropes. For these and other reasons, the boxing ring is commonly humorously referred to as the "square circle."

Q: Joe Zaffarano - Why do women wear evening gowns to night clubs? Why don't they wear nightgowns?
A: First off, I don't believe that women wear evening gowns to night clubs. I don't frequent night clubs, but I imagine that an evening gown worn at a night club might cramp one's style. I think that evening gowns are more appropriately worn when out at a fashionable party.

But I take the meaning of your question. Why "evening" and not "night". To me a "nightgown" implies that the article of clothing will be worn all the way through the night and to the next day. "Evening" implies that it will be worn out to be seen, and then removed when one returns home. I don't think it's any more complicated than that.

Q: Brett Gobe - Now that you are home owner, have you found a rug that will really tie the room together?
A: Not yet, but I hope to. My house has a lot of hardwood floors, and I will definitely be in search for a rug that will tie the room together. Just don't pee on my fucking rug, Gobe. You don't fuck with the mitssob.

For those of you not aware I have recently become a homeowner. Well, that's a bit of a stretch. I have put an offer on a house, my offer has been accepted, and now the lawyers and agents are doing whatever it is that lawyers and agents do. The closing date is July 30th, and then they're going to move out on August 11th. My lease runs out on August 31, so I've got 3 weeks to move. That will be a challenge, but one that I'm looking forward to.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted questions. I'll be posting here, and also starting up a couple of new online projects in the coming weeks. But "Ask Mitssob" will return. See you all later.