Thursday, November 9, 2006

14 - Answers

Q: Bill Jeffers - Who is next to get married? Translation: Which pussy will finally pony up and by the gad domned ring?
A: Silly answer: I am, because I caught the garter at the Stoffel wedding. As is the young woman who was unfortunate enough catch the bouquet and have the honor of my placing said garter on her leg.

Serious answer: For the first time in "Ask Mitssob" history, I'm going to refuse to answer a question. Allow me to explain why.

The decision to marry is a personal and private decision. As such, I am uncomfortable in making any predictions about it. The unmarried couples that I know undoubtedly have reasons why they haven't married, and it is not my place to speculate as to what they are. We've all been in relationships, and (I presume) that at least some of these haven't worked out. It's possible that these relationships will end prior to marriage, while others will see through to the event. But I'm not going to guess. It's not my place.

I realize that I sound as though I might be offended by the question. I'm not. I am choosing to respect my friends' privacy. And no, Bill, I'm not implying that you're being disrespectful. Not at all. My view is that if a couple decides to marry, then I will wish them the best of luck, and will provide my love and assistance to them whenever called upon. But I simply won't speculate as to which couples are destined to marry and which aren't.

Q: Brett Gobe - Was that a thinly vailed hint to Mit Ssob? Will Tim answer that question?
A: Being somewhat paranoid (as well as narcissistic), I'm going to assume that this question was directed at me. And as I said above, I'm not going to answer this question. Sorry, folks. I hope you understand.